Tuesday, September 28, 2004

From a parochial viewpoint (not mine, but just looking at it from the view of generic parochial :-), would Republicans ever consider being content with beating Kerry by a lesser margin than possible for some secondary reason, such as looking to 2008? Maybe out of pity? (I'd nix the last one outright, but Bush is a compassionate conservative and born-again Christian. On second thought, Texans have no qualms about winning football games by lopsided scores, so why would politics be any different.)

Still, I wonder if they have yet thought, "Can we win without causing McAuliffe to fall?"

Still again, I wonder if 'evil' Karl Rove has thought, "Can I get some competition here, please?"

Back to being serious ... wait ... have they announced a Bush rally at football stadium yet?

Okay, now back to being serious ...

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