Friday, September 10, 2004

Grist for the Mill

The blogosphere has awakened (does it ever sleep?) for another day of grinding.

Ace of Spades has already ground an AP article to fine powder (while prefacing the ease to which it was possible this time) and then, on a lighter note, points to a another new found document courtesy of the Politburo Diktat courtesy of Cranky Neocon who
has other good pointers.

WizBang blasts Wasserman, who deserves every bit and more. Scroll down for a pic of a Rather funny alter-ego.

By the way, did I congratulate Powerline, LGF, Roger, Wizbang, INDC, (others to be added when I have had more coffee) as well as their readers, on the bang up leadership done yesterday? Consider it done. The finest system of fact-checking and truth-outing the world has ever seen has come of age, and it is awesome. Now back to work.

Update: I wish I could remember where I saw it. There was a great post about how CBS had, in essence two great stories in these new found documents. CBS chose to go with the "New Evidence Against Bush" rather than the "Who's Behind This Hoax". Telling. (Will link when found.)

John Podhoretz has a opinion. What I found interesting was this quote of Kevin Drum's:
Kevin Drum, the most talented of the left-wing bloggers, wrote: "This story is a perfect demonstration of the difference between the Swift-boat controversy and the National Guard controversy. Both are tales from long ago and both are related to Vietnam, but . . . in the National Guard case, practically every new piece of documentary evidence provides additional confirmation that the charges against Bush are true."
Does Kevin really have the impression that there is such a thing as "every new piece of documentary evidence" regarding John Kerry? When was the last time he saw new service records of John Kerry's come out? Pffft!

Update2: Juan of TVC, observes in general, with much better wording, the point I made above regarding Kevin Drum's quote.

Update3: Instapundit has many more links, some subtle and not subtle remarks and a rally cute pointer to forgery follies post.

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