Monday, October 11, 2004

Last Man Fired Syndrome (or The Case for Vultures)

Removed from power, the world has been busy going through Saddam's file, and even his sock, drawers. The MSM bubbled with stories last week of documents found which expose his underhanded dealings with France, Russia, UN potentates, et al, to keep the tan on his hide natural. What a conniving bastard he was and, no doubt, rather bothersome, too. All those constant, pushy, telemarketer style calls to country codes x and y, interrupting those nationally admired public servants (NAPS), noses to the grindstone, making the lives of their citizenry better. What's a NAPS to do?

Saddam is going to get just what he deserves, sooner or later, preferably much sooner, so do not consider the thoughts that follow as moderating my extremely low opinion of him or an attempt to excuse anything he has, is or will be accused of. It's just that in the daily dose of revelations about him, particularly UNSCAM, I sometimes see flickering scenes of the last man fired. The last man fired, of course, is the one who takes the blame for all that went wrong at the company, including why the coffee tasted like mud.

Those more knowledgeable in intra-office politics can provide better assessment of that analogy. I never paid much attention to it, though I did notice on the lower levels that people waited until the person left the building to see if the stapler or hole punch was available. I only mention the analogy because the flickering of this scene prompted thinking about real world politics, particularly on the international scene. Like life in the animal kingdom, it can be much more brutal. Life and death brutal. Worse than animal kingdom brutal, it can be traitorously brutal.

This makes me question the undertone being infused in the MSM about Saddam vis-a-vis the bribery that took place. Was this all really the case of a conniving Saddam preying on those poor underpaid NAPS who's Achilles' heel was avarice and who, maybe, didn't have Caller ID? More likely, other sorts were involved and not an insignificant number were vultures. You know about vultures' habits, don't you? Vultures don't just find the dead, they find the dying. Then they wait, but not for them to die, they only wait to feed until the prey cannot defend itself.

There was a funny flash clip in October 2002 by in which Saddam was taking a call warning of the infidel US planning invasion. It showed Saddam as quite defiant on the phone, though, as you may see below, the discussion prompted considerable perspiration.

In all the scamming going on, I wonder if the call to Saddam in that flash clip had an inartful tone of blackmail lacing it, one last call from a vulture trying to pick more prime meat from the bones of a Saddam not yet dead.

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