Wednesday, November 17, 2004

There's a little hubbub percolating regarding Tom Delay's leadership position in light of what has been described as a potential politically partisan state grand jury indictment in Texas that revolves around the Congressional redistricting having taken place there. (Whew!) Start with Professor Bainbridge and don't forget to click the trackbacks. (hat tip Instapundit)

I agree with Prof. Bainbridge on principle but I have to wonder if it is a rule that ought to be applied so rigidly and wrt state grand jury indictments if, as James Joyner notes, "It's often been said that a prosecutor can get a grand jury to "indict a ham sandwich."

I also appreciate Amy Ridenour's position so maybe a good way to handle it is for the Repubs to layout the tweaks they are considering and let them be fought over in public first. There's nothing better than being aboveboard and it will tend to dampen the effect of inane utterings about ethics and astonishing arrogance from the likes of Nancy Pelosi. (Two words, Nancy - Clinton Impeachment.)

What bothers most though is Amy's comment on the prevalence of these types of legal problems. I would like to hear more and seek ways to correct it.

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