Thursday, January 20, 2005

Doris Kearns Goodwin went thru the history of the inaugural and I went for coffee and a bagel. Not that I don't like Ms Goodwin, I do, but ya got to do what ya got to do. When I got back, NBC was gone and they were starting Wheel of Fortune. So, I had to find another channel, and found ABC. After also doing a piece on Oscar De La Renta which also included the Bush daughters and their designers, (De La Renta wasn't a personal interview), they went to a Charlie (Gibson?)interview of George S.

What was discussed? Handicapping the 2008 Presidential race. What a bunch of chumps. Even Charlie (Gibson?) agreed they were chumps, after George signed off, with the line (it is not exact, but I quote to show it is in no way my interpretation), "Rude and impertinent, talking about the 2008 Presidential race, I know, but this is what people are thinking about in Washington."

I understand from a little birdie that people in Washington are also thinking about funerals to take place today for military deaths in Iraq. Are they going to cover that too?

Update: Blogging hiatus on the MSM broadcast coverage. I wish I had cable so I could watch hosts who don't act like nasty little brats. Maybe Nickelodeon.

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