Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Lucianne is spreading the word on Tony Snow's announcement on his radio program today that he has colon cancer: (ht: PoliPundit)
"Tony, as he announced on his Fox Radio Show yesterday, has colon cancer. He will be operated on early next week to have his colon removed. His spirits are amazingly high and his humor unchanged. He said that after the announcement he got word that folks were praying for him and it literally made him feel better. Let's not let it stop. You've got the power. Leave your messages and prayers here for Tony and his beautiful family or email him at Go ahead, clog up his mailbox. He can always empty it and start again.

He plans to have a broadcast set up put in his house while he recuperates. He'll need your calls and support then, too."
Ditto! (And I hope he does his broadcasts from home in his pajamas.)

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