Tuesday, February 22, 2005

So the wife is up and watching TV and I'm down getting a tea. Suddenly I hear her yell, "He's on again!!!"

"What? Who?!" "That guy! The 'Mi ya hee' guy. It's on Today."

I turn it on and they are doing this one bigger. I full outside stage with some singers (I didn't catch their names) and dancers. But they showed a lot of the "Hilarious Guy Lipsyncing" webcam. Much, much better. The wife said they covered it on the Good Morning America, too, but I didn't see it.

Okay, what are the odds this dude will be on one of these shows by next week. Want to bet which show will get kid first? I wonder if he even knows? It's anybody's guess country he lives in.

He ought to get a manager before he does anything.

Update: Okay, I did some looking. There's been an article on AOL and the clip has been on CNN, too. And according to a comment at Big-Boys.com by MRTEENEY on 2/19, (the comments aren't permalinked, so scroll down) this webcam or video (I don't know which it is more properly called) was first posted at NewGrounds.com by the kid, himself. His name is Gary Brolsma and he titled the video "Numa Numa Dance". Gary has some comments at the site.

Per the Newgrounds webpage, the video has been viewed over a million times and reviewed over 4,200 times. Since the original one went on the web, he has added one without the pics inserted and one with subtitles so you can sing along.

Oh, btw, it was the band O-zone, not Ozone, that originally did the song and, ugh, I guess it is called "Dragosta Din Tea". My bad, I am not up on music groups now and have seen probably 25 different song titles. And I guess it was O-Zone who was on The Today Show, today.

Have fun watching.

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