Monday, March 28, 2005

Educating the public, one asked for rule at a time

Another federal law, another grave is filled in Common Sense Cemetery. This happens when the most specific law is made from the place most remote from where it is to be applied. But don't blame the politicians, becuase it was the bureaucrats fault.

That said, everyone who instigated the law please raise both hands because that what you did when you decided the feds were better at beating state government about the head than you, yourself, were. There is no room for common sense application of a rule when it gets to the top tier, folks.

But don't worry, your freedom to complain about it come election time will not be infringed.

Request by the back door: I'm curious as to the Wonks take on not quite A+ fourth grade math test preparation materials. Maybe you can tell I don't have an education degree, but isn't preparing new fourth grade math materials kind of like reinventing the wheel? Somehow, I can't help but feel there's some churning involved.

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