Monday, March 07, 2005

Okie dokie, I got my posts to load so I'm leaving the template up. Here it is, the result of untold hours of learning HTML, CSS, JS as well as Blogger and a bunch of other things like FTP.

There are some bugs still, as you will probably notice, particularly if you scroll down. Yup, I have a margin compounding error. That's the worst and I'll find that problem after dinner and correct it.

There's a couple of minor goofs which may take longer. First, the left sidebar is too high. This does not happen in testing with either FF or IE6 when I pull it out of my computer folder. The tops of all three columns are perfect. The only other glitch is that the Blogger bar at the top obscures a portion of the photo where I have some text on the left.

Just so you know, the menus open new windows. Browse around. BBL.

Update: Sheesh. I checked it again in FF and now the left and right columns are lower but the sae in relation to each other. I tried IE6 and they are even but down the same as the right column in FF. Whatever, I'll think about it tomorrow (but not the post margin compounding), 'cause the news never stops.

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