Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Stupid toys

I saw this on Instapundit. What a great invention. Not!

That's all we need in society, a bunch of anti-tv zealots hanging in a pub just waiting to turn off the boob tube with 3 seconds left in the game, just like advertised, or doesn't like the news that 15 others are watching. It's only likely to get someone maimed or killed eventually.

But besides that, what gives you the right to go clicking off someone else's tv. You're there by invite, you don't own the place. You don't get free reign just because you walked in and sat down. You ask if the tv could be turned off, if no one else is watching it (besides the owner and staff.)

BTW, good luck getting it to work if your not pointing it at the TV or don't have good angle. And watch your hard earned dollars start a new fad, putting tape over the remote sensor on televisions in public places. D'oh.

If you don't like the television in the restaurant or pub, don't go there!

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