Wednesday, April 20, 2005

George Voinovich - Part Deux

Is there any wonder why the President might want a UN ambassador that reputedly resorts to chasing people he disagrees with down halls and attempts to have them canned? Even if the characterizations have a grain of truth to them, and I am sure they do, they are wildly exaggerated by those who WANT John Bolton protrayed as a wild-eyed zealot.

But even if it is 20% accurate instead of 10% accurate, the relevant question is under what circumstances and on which side of the issues will Mr. Bolton resort to shoe pounding tirades. If Mr. Bolton was already ambassador, would he have been pounding the table to get rid of these guys (Roger L. Simon scoop du jour):
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Investigators Robert Parton (senior investigative counsel) and Miranda Duncan (deputy counsel) have resigned because information was not being followed up by the Volcker Committee!!! These are two of the top three field investigators for the committtee. Only Michael Cornacchia remains.
Or would he have been pounding the table to get rid of the guys who actually did make their positions unbearable?

As a final observation, if Mr. Bolton pounded, chased, e-mailed or publicly berated people out of their jobs on a random basis, at the UN he could easily go four years without targeting an innocent and undeserving person. Senator Voinovich, by his move yesterday, has shown that he favors the idea of UN staus quo over the idea over Bush's reform agenda, international ideals over American ideals, and friendly relations with corrupt collegues and their toadies over protecting their starving and hunted victims.

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