Friday, April 22, 2005

I'll try to be patient ...

but I really am itching to see the final organizational chart of the UNscam mess. It's certainly looks like it might (ht: Instapundit) be a veritable who's who of notables on a display board requiring three or four tripods. There's less than a handful of people that have broken an investigative sweat yet on this and there's only surface scrapes made on the scandal so far. And that's on this side of the world. The other side of the world is going to be rock heaven if you base it on that original list of who got free tickets for oil.

It's too bad the MSM, on the whole, prefers to play the bystanding reporter's role, though it is possible reports such the one, above, by the Canada Free Press could get the investigative ball rolling faster. It used to be it was these kinds of stories that sold lots of newspapers.

If I were Bush, I might consider a Saturday address on UN reform and dropping a hint about now that John Bolton would be a good Secretary General, maybe a Feudian slip or something. You know, just to break the tension ... or the logjam. The harder the pushes the better, if you want a better UN.

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