Sunday, April 03, 2005

The NYT's has a reputation. Does it have an editor?

This must be so embarrassing for the NYT. (ht: Viking Pundit with his "Jaw-dropping ineptness at the NY Times ...")

It's unintended appearance should expose the NYT's faux impartiality to ridicule on a scale octaves higher than, for example, anything that flowed from the President's purported media photo-op with a fake turkey during his 2003 Thanksgiving appearance in Baghdad. And it ought to flow and ripple through the media long past the time the mocking 'fake turkey' meme died from the seepage of the truth.

If this happened on a "blog of record" there would be plenty of journalists in the MSM to point to it in support of one cranky criticism of blogs or another to justify accusations of rank partisanship or amateurish journalism. In the blogosphere public criticism by colleagues would occur at lightening speed and, with honest blogs, apologies would come just as quick. But in the MSM, the NYT only need repair its reputation to the extent their colleagues in the mediasphere take notice.

Don't expect that to happen widely in the MSM, but do take note of those organizations that do for they will likely be the ones worrying the least about it accidentally occurring in their own pages and for the right reasons -- they shoot for honesty and impartiality

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