Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mugabe's "Bus Crash": Two Decades and Counting

Viking Pundit had a post I linked to from here on Thursday which reported that Robert Mugabe was now asking for food aid to avert a famine in Zimbabwe. Then Eric posted on a report that Mugabe is pleading for inviting white farmers to come back to save his bankrupt policies and, by extension, his job. I didn't get a chance to link to that but it did spur me to emphasize regions where oppression or freedom is still dreamed about and life is not about enjoying oneself but is about just staying alive.

The country which was formerly the breadbasket of Africa is now just a basket case.

Gateway has a long post today on the situation in Zimbabwe, which covers the deteriorating situation with the amazing news that Mugabe is arresting street vendors by the thousands even as the "UN is sending representatives to assess the food supply situation."

This follows the devaluation of the currency last week by almost a third, as reported in African Tears in her letter of 21 May. So, locally produced food is scarce or next to nonexistent while any imported commercially will now be even more expensive. It is a terrible situation. As Instapundit notes, "It's the Cambodia of Africa" but, I might add , without a reeducation plan.

Stop by Cathy's African Tears site and read her summary of the ecological disaster, that is also taking place as the thugs in control rape the country and everyone else scrambles to survive (which also includes the report of the currency devaluation.)

And if you read through This is Zimbabwe, you can see that aspects of life in every sector are breaking down -- blood supply; farm invasions were continuing as recently as the beginning of the May; getting gas is becoming an occupation in itself; and when it's available, former soldiers from Mugabe's army think they are more deserving than others.

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