Monday, June 27, 2005

Assad's Syria Annoys Me

I'm getting pretty sick and tired of the situation with Syria vis-a-vis their total uselessness in preventing but, moreso, likely active assistance in routing foreign jihadi's through Syria and into Iraq to kill Iraqi's and Coalition Forces. Sanctions are a UN ploy that just drag things out interminably. (ht: Winds of Change's Monday Winds of War, Jun 27/05 )

I'm not active military or even a vet so I'm hesitant to recommend putting them into more hazardous situations, but if I were Bush, I would tell Assad that if he doesn't stop the flow, it would be better that we fight these pigs in Syria, rather than in Iraq. Heck, we'd be doing these pigs a favor because they wouldn't have to walk as far to get to us. Besides, it will give the Iraqi people a much deserved breather and Syrian officials could find out how it feels to have pigs blow up their people indiscriminately.

I'd love to know how all those Syrian generals feel about actually playing the real game, with a real foe, instead of what they are used to, which is struting around and all over a feeble Lebanon and posing as guides for scum intent on one-way vacations in Iraq.

Three weeks is all it took to get to the generals in Iraq but many had a country to evacuate to. Not so with Syria.

Okay, I've vented.

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