Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What's Changed Since 1983?

In his internet travels, TFGhost, ran across a fascinating analysis of the media from 1983 by Lieutenant Colonel Gerald S. Venanzi and he's pinned a lot of interesting observations to some excerpts.

Here's one observation after an excerpt describing the then current modus operandi for reporting -- defined there as "investigative reporting," "adversary," or "partisan journalism":
"The "new" journalism is now the approved way for the MSM to operate. The description above also fits the way bloggers operate, doesn't it?"
And here's another one I thought interesting. After an excerpt considering the ability of the TV to mold opinion through repetition and likening it to the training of the unformed mind as is done in teaching, TFG, wonders:
"Hmmm. Is it any wonder that the network news operations are looking to gain a younger viewership? And it is it any wonder why the MSM dislikes blogs so much?"
What I ask in the title to this post is not meant to be sarcastic. I have my thoughts on these two observations by TFG, but it is late. I'll add them tomorrow in an update.

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