Friday, July 29, 2005

Fatina Abdrabboh is back with a new column ...

... and she's complaining again. Wouldn't you think that since she is gaining prominence in the literary world (and knows how to send letters to the editor) that she would be inspired to write a column denouncing Islamofascism rather than whining about some percieved slights, rude callers, and her inability to steer casual conversations to topics more amenable to her?

But Ms. Abdrobboh is not totally unaware of the reasons for more effort on her part to change the target of her complaints and to complain long and loudly about Islamofascists:
"Terrorism is not about Islam; it is about a perverse agenda being paraded through the Muslim world under the banner of my faith. Why then should Muslims in America have to condemn it all the time?"
Ms. Abdrabboh, these folks are ruining the reputation of your religion. They're killing people of your faith. They're killing your fellow citizens. Americans, like you, all around you are complaining about it. Go and do the same.

(via Sharon's Blog)

Update: For those not having heard of Ms. Abdrabboh before, she had a letter to the editor published in the NYT's towards the end of June. A previous post on that is here. She had that same letter then published in the Lone Star Times while I was on vacation. Coming Anarchy covered that, here.

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