Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hardball has David Adesnik wondering ...

... about the quality of some of Chris Matthews' hardball questions. (Via Instapundit) That's not surprising.

I love to watch baseball because there are two teams of players and each team has a pitcher in the game. That's natural, honest baseball. You can be sure that each pitcher will do his best to throw "hardballs" to the batters that are on the opposing team.

Baseball is a very popular sport. It's our national past time; apple pie and all that. We don't go to watch baseball -- hardball, softball, or even whiffleball -- games where there is one pitcher who serves the whole game and pitches to both teams. And you know why -- because no one, not even you, dear reader, could leave a game without the intense belief that the pitcher had thrown pitches to one team's batters that would induce the opposing fielders run the whole game, and then thrown pitches to the other team's batter with the intention of striking them out.

That's why I don't watch Chris Matthews' Hardball.

Think about it, David.

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