Thursday, November 17, 2005

Truth to Power, my ass

William M. Arkin of the Washington Post opines on the White Phosphorus lies with his '"White Death" Is A Losing Strategy', reciting them line and verse in support and concluding:
"In Fallujah, the Army employed a terribly ill-conceived method for using white phosphorous, evidently interested only in the immediate tactical gain and its felicitous shake and bake fun. Higher level commanders were either absent or oblivious to the larger issues. They did not impose order and encourage precision. They should be held accountable. They won't."
Of course in the midst of "keeping the meme afloat" column, he made sure to insert his "I'm unbiased and deliberative" disclaimer to these lies with:
I for one am reluctant to pronounce whether the use of white phosphorous for "shake and bake" missions in Fallujah and the evident blundering use of white phosphorous in areas known to be occupied by civilians is illegal. Neither am I buying the State Department's line that the use of white phosphorous in this way -- that is, to possibly inflict unnecessary suffering -- is not "illegal" use. What I'm sure of is that the use of white phosphorous is not just some insensitive act. It is not just bad P.R. It is the ill thought out and panicked use of a weapon in an illegitimate way. It is a representation of a losing strategy.
Maybe not illegal, but definitely illegitimate. Part and parcel of the dissembling journalist and this one not even hiding it well. What a lot of crap!

Well, I, for one, am reluctant to pronounce that William M. Arkin is a seditionaryt, at least, and a traitor, at worst. What I am sure of is that Arkin uses this issue in a seditious, and possibly traitorous way. And he is a representation of an irresponsible American.

(Via Confederate Yankee who fisks Arkin's column as well as I've seen a column fisked. My opinion in no ways represents CY's and is not meant to. It's my opinion.)

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