Friday, December 09, 2005

A jingle truck!

Glenn passes on a report about a delivery made in Afghanistan. I am glad Afghanis are sufficiently excited about the delivery of books to the University of Khandahar that they used a jingle truck to announce it.

An act like that underscores the attachment they are making to their new life of progress and to taking on new things, particularly the pride and excitement at the opportunity to learn new things. As I started writing this I thought to mention that it will be a sign of a much bigger, better and more mature (in the sense of a society having a deeper and longer history of educational progress) situation when they don't see a need to continue jingle trucks. On reflection, however, maybe it would help if our kids saw jingle trucks announce book deliveries to our libraries and schools.

God bless the Afghanis and I hope they never stop using jingle trucks.

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