Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Capital Idea

Michael Yon has a suggestion for providing fuller coverage of happenings on the ground in Iraq via the troops there. (ht: Winds of Change)

I'd love to see something coalesce around this kind of idea. At the end of each day, I hit the shut down button with a whetted appetite for news from the front. One milblogger, active or retired, can only do so much. I've long relied on Bill Roggio for analysis of many of the happenings. He's been an especially good read for the Anbar campaign(s), so much so, that I've relied on him to do, in microcosm, something close to what Yon is suggesting - reading, vetting and adding together various sources to give a better picture.

So much so, that I've forgone reading the MSM reports because it's 90% death stats and fluff. I don't mean to be callous, every bombing, every death, every injury is heart rending but those stories are almost fill-in-the-blank reports and I tire of having to weed through the Shi'ite v Kurd v Sunni alarm 'graphs, the looming civil war warnings, ad nauseam to get to the new pictures Roggio has given me by his filtering, for lack of a better word, like the daily progress of the Anbar campaign, to name one, that when taken together can be seen like one of those first movies, i.e., individual pictures displayed quickly.

I try to hit five or six milbloggers a day searching for notice of and detail on what's actually happening and time is the killer or I would read more. There's a huge amount of good data out there just waiting to be centralized in a cooperative effort. I used to rely on The Command Post but they've gone on possibly permanent hiatus. Theirs was a fantastic site and I do think they are entirely wrong in their thinking that "one simply doesn't need Command Post much anymore". Maybe the production structure needed tweaking but I think their type of Central Store to display the quality wares of dozens of Manufacturers is essential. With the likes of The Command Post dropping out, I feel like Neo in the Matrix after the armory subroutine was run.

Well, I could ramble more but I won't. Regarding Yon's idea, Armed Liberal hits the right note: "I can't wait to see what comes out of this."

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