Sunday, August 29, 2004

I'm upset ...

I have been visiting USS Clueless since 2/19/03 and have enjoyed it immensely. His articles ( anything SDB writes is never short enough to be catagorized as a post) have always informed me and left me thinking hard about his subject. It wouldn't take long for me to revise quite a bit of what I thought I knew or look at it from a better viewpoint.

Only once did I dare to write and ask him something. He was in his 'not posting for a while' for he didn't have anything he wanted to write about. After about a week, I wrote to suggest something that I knew I would find interesting. I got response in which he rightly said it was a hopeless task which I duly noted was correct, particularly in light of the wording of my request. I never wrote again and just waited for his gifts (and I say gifts with great respect.)

His latest post is what upset me. I won't write him even now, but I do want to thank him many times for what he has posted and I selfishly hope he gets the urge back without cringing.

Steve, you are a delight to read. I still have your e-mail, thanks. (BTW, love the current tiny green notice!)

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