Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Heh, I was just guessing but it was an educated guess that Gunga Dan had no intention of backing down on this. Yeah, yeah, I had the time wrong and they decided against help with the spin. Lot's of possible reasons for that but they stuck and I figured they would. Gunga Dan is that type of guy.

A lot of reasons can be thrown out for discussion as to why "CBS Corp" (I'm wondering if the brass at Viacom or just CBS has been in the 'response' deliberations) has decided to back him. One reason is because Dan carries a lot of weight. But he had backing on this -- Dan isn't the only one at CBS with a obsession desire to nail Bush to the wall. I am sure there has been a feeling of resentment for failing 4 years ago.

While these aren't the only reasons, those give us enough to think that there was a lot of deception, misdirection, and double talk while holding meetings with the brass and legal beagles, likely individually more than as a group.

Team Dan still thinks it can be pulled off. I doubt it. He is gonna get womped.

Time to participate. Time to debunk. Time to preponderate.

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