Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Charged from the Arnold-izer ...

... I rafted the blogsphere with a huge grin.

Protein Wisdom was adjusting his jacket and straightening his bow-tie after having finished explaining the finer points of observation to Mark Hollman of Slate, when I got there.

Stopped in at theRNC Bloggers and they had been blogging up a cloud of dust -- read them all but here are some highlights with thoughts:

Wizbang has good pics and a nice takedown of the long dead but still used Democratic "R's shouldn't be here" with their usual "their exploiting 9/11" lead in. Hah! Let them interview Moore about this. (HT Instapundit for the Moore reference.

Power Line, cleaning up the leftovers from Day 1, chalks another line in the Pushy Lefties column with a picture of Franken not going tohis corner after the bell. (How many is that now? I thought the reports were that the anarchists are OUTSIDE the Garden.) With charts being the vogue, I can't wait to see the Colluding Shovers Connection Chart and where Franken fits in. I'm sure he is at least a distant three degrees of separation from Teresa. After all, she only says it and he only does it! Anyway ... there's some good Day 2 sums at PL too.

Compare and contrast time with Blogs for Bush giving a short course to Franken on how to properly conduct oneself while at work in the news coverage business. I don't think he even noticed.

There's more. Much, much more with links and pointers.

Instapundit has so much stuff and I have only started to wade into it. Thank God I took a short nap after dinner.

Go read. You won't need the paper in the morning unless you do the Jumble.

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