Sunday, September 05, 2004

Connections and Relationships

One Hand Clapping updates this post to provide context to the War. The photo was one of several like it at the site he links to. (The photos are mostly in a group.)

I saw those yesterday, but Mr. Sensing's post reminded me to look again. I already knew what I was going to see, so my mind could process rather than just capture. The varied connections and relationships could be linked in my mind just as we do here with posts in the blogosphere.

One such relationship made was spurred by seeing this photo at Instapundit. Kinship. Those are our 'cousins'. And I don't say this metaphorically - there are Ukies the next block over, Lith's across the street. Krauts, Italians, Bosnies. They are all around us here. A family of Russkies (pretty sure they are, I'll have to ask the 'Mayor' of our street) just moved in 7 houses down.

The other is that, with respect to Mr. Sensing's pic pointer, here are pictures sadly lacking from the 9/11 collection I have stored on discs and discs and discs and discs. The pictures of our horrible disaster that the MSM did not show us - the intrusion into the morgue photos, the lined along the lawn outside the hospital photos. Maybe I can use these to connect to the 9/11 teddy bear amongst the wreckage photo, or the necklace pendant one, the photo of the bookbag; the briefcase; the crushed, bloody, empty car; the downward floating business document.

I'll save these as an act of remembering and connecting.

Never forget. Never forgive. Pray for our deliverence from this evil and that our victory will be short and swift. For us and our kin.

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