Thursday, September 09, 2004

Kerry In NC

Kerry was making a frantic effort, yesterday, to keep his ship from foundering. Instance #1 - Jobs. According to the Boston Globe, Kerry is still running the lie that Bush hasn't created any jobs and, in fact, has lost jobs. Here is Kerry in his typical statesman like manner:
''He stands up and he says, 'Oh, gee, America, we had a war on terror, or we had a recession.' Well, wait a minute now, Franklin Roosevelt had World War II, and Harry Truman had World War II, and Lyndon Johnson and John Kennedy and Richard Nixon had Vietnam. We've had recessions and we're had wars, and every president since the Great Depression has created jobs in this country except George Bush, who has a policy of sending those jobs overseas, ...
Anyway, I hate going kindergarten in attributing job generation to one man but as I posted here, Bush has created roughly 2.6 million jobs. (I believe Betsy's Page had more a number of 4M based on different stats from the BoLS but I can't access her older posts.) Yes, unemployment is up but so is the size of the labor force. As a hypothetical, if an administration held the unemployment rate at 5% for four years while the labor force grew by 5 million for the same period, the ranks of unemployed would grow by 250,000 while 4.75M more jobs would have been 'created' by the President. I wish I knew where Kerry gets his facts. But if Kerry is consistent on anything, it is making claims without backing it up.

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Hey, they both have to lie to get elected, why focus on one candidate? The way I see it, productivity is creating a big wealth divide, rich getting richer, poor poorer. If that doesn't bother you then Bush is your man.

9/09/2004 3:52 PM  

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