Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Must control news

Searching for the CBS announcement supposed to have come out at noon, I was finally directed Backcountry Conservative where this was noted:
9:35 EDT: Kelly Wright of Fox News reports that the CBS VP for Communications said the statement would be released via email around noon. Fox News then reviewed the claims of forgery surrounding the documents.
I keep checking my e-mail but there's nothing yet! Serious, what kind of announcment is that?
Oprah had a mega announcement yesterday. Did she e-mail those she gave cars to? Was her announcement provide to a select few by e-mail before the story leaked out?

If they really wanted to make an announcement they could have just put it on their website. If they expected an overload of traffic, there are mirror sites, etc. There are ways. They could have made the announcment raw. There would be nothing to add, no attachement.

The e-mail route is to get attachments, in other words, spin. It seems, CBS is asking for protection when it goes public.

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