Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Orrin Judd posts on a Drudge Report regarding the Kerry rally in Racine, WV. Kerry received a gift of a shotgun from a supporter there and held it high, in thanks.

Now, no one could have gotten near the place with a shotgun if it wasn't a planned prop. So Kerry's campaign ran with the idea of having Kerry pose wth a shotgun to tease gun owners to vote his side. Did they bother to vet the gun so he won't be embarassed by the fact it is a gun to be banned by upcoming legislation Kerry has co-sponsored. Time will tell!

There are a couple of other questions, too. Kerry has sponsored legislation? That's news!!!! No wonder he doesn't tout is Senate record.

Another. What is his nuanced point in this planned comment after receiving the gift?
"I thank you for the gift, but I can't take it to the debate with me," Kerry told a cheering crowd as he held up the device.

Did you mean take it loaded with some definite intent, John?

Can the Kerry advisors be this dense, Does Kerry have a single ounce of common sense.

Update: Sine Qua Non reminds people why is a bad idea to give guns to Kerry. It's for his own good.

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