Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Skimming the polls this morning, more changes are appearing.

Rasmussen has added Michigan and NJ to it Battleground States. Real Clear Politics shows the reason: Bush has gone from 8 to 13 in NJ during Aug to 4 down. And the spread in MI is the same, though why they would wait when only their poll had shown it outside the MoE is beyond me. R's keeping MN in the toss up column as their poll shows a dead heat now (That's good news, folks.)

Zogby is adding four states to their Battleground List: CO, NC, AZ, and VA. CO's been a tie for a while so that's not news. OTOH what are they doing with AZ, NC and VA? AZ is B+3-8, NC is B+10 (Ras) and VA is B+5 upward trend. Ohhh, if you look at the lists at RCP, Zogby hasn't done polling there. So why call them Battleground? Shouldn't you poll and then decide? Maybe it is a question of importance - Zogby's.

The vote is still a long way off and it seems polling is as big a race as the race they are following.

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