Saturday, September 04, 2004

Time for a Newsweek of Gallup Polls

Time released a poll Friday showing a Bush lead of 52-41 over Kerry, the results of which were pre-Bush speech sampling of likely voters from 29 August to 2 September. Instapundit has thoughts and links to others.

Time for Newsweek to catch up with a poll sampling registered voters from 2 and 3 September also showing Bush with a 52-41 lead (54-43 without Nader.)

Rasmussen Tracking notes a Bush lead 49 to 45 and describes a modest Bush Convention bounce but the % are based on a three day rolling average so, "Only one-third of the interviews for today's report were completed after the President's speech on Thursday night." We'll see if the how the numbers trend and should have the full effect in by Tuesday.

Gallup says their post convention poll results will be out early next week.

Waiting with baited breath.

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