Friday, September 10, 2004

Watching the story unfold (or should I say, explode) is extremely exciting. Real or forgeries? Experts and analysis. Fonts. Proportional or monotype. Spacing. Formatting. Manual of style.

LGF has summarized the life of the CBS's new found documents story - 12 hours. CBS is now investigating. What they are investigating is still a little undetermined.

One thing only lightly touched on today is the timing. Now I have not followed Bush's service and service records story much, especially since he was called on it in 2000 and then again at the end of last year and the records were all released as they were found by clerks manning the 7th circle of document hell.

Presuming the documents are forgeries (there's a tiny bit of evidence today for this presumption) why did the documents come out now. One obvious answer is that for forgeries to work as intended they must fit with everything else in the document pile. It would be terrible to find a document contradicting it. To be certain of that, the forger must know what information is contained in the documents in the pile. Thus the wait - to find out what is in the pile and tailor the documents to what is already known.

The forgery requires more than good content, but also good format and transmission. With these 60 Minutes the format and transmission was lousy. Will the content pass the test of how it fits with the other documents in the pile?

Just how amateurish and stupid are the people who made these things? And, then, why did they do it? I can hardly wait to see find out. On with the hunt!

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