Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Zell Miller

Tonight, Zell Miller defined the basis of this election. That basis is defending America. Nothing less than having a president willing to make this priority one, in spite calls for compromise, will guarantee that there is a country to be patriotic about. Both sides can be patriotic, but without having the plans and performing the acts necessary for maintaining the best defense posture, bar none, what you will eventually have is a field of dead patriots. Let us not forget, also, as we constantly talk about defense, that as Vince Lombardi said "The best defense is a good offense."

He hit the nail on the head when he explained that it is not the Democrats patriotism but their judgment that is lacking. Zell's painting the portrait of Kerry's career in the Senate on defense issues makes plain why Kerry's campaign retreated to his service in Vietnam -- it was the only part of his life he had wherein he was shown as strong enough to meet that criteria which is the basis of this election, this period in history, for this war against a very great evil.

And that evil has reared it's head again, in Russia, in Chechnya, in Ossetia. And in Iraq, with this evil visiting itself on the Nepalese this time. It is always planning and always trying, as in Israel. It is testing itself now against France.

Zell has provided a much clearer picture of Kerry than we have had before. Kerry has had more interest in the appearance of doing than in actually doing. That is his Vietnam story, his anti-Vietnam story, and his Senate story. ( I am not familiar with his Asst. Attorney General or his Lt. Gov. stories.) It seems to dovetail nicely with his desire for UN 'talk is cheap' way of doing. And this same attitude fills his campaign's various plans, reliance on unnamed foreign leaders, and did's before didn't's. John Forbes Kerry believes he can talk his way into and out of anything.

And that brings us to communication. For all that is good in Bush's vision and policies, Zell also makes clear that nothing beats being able to explain things well It's Bush's only major fault. (I cannot for the life of me understand why Bush disregards it so, but that is another post. Maybe.) Kerry is in his own boat on this, too. The differences between Bush and Kerry's boats, however, are twofold. Bush invariably speaks to show something while Kerry does to hide something. The other is that Bush understands it is best to use the fewest words possible and Kerry does not. That is why Bush can untie the knots he makes and Kerry can't.

A thought comes to mind about communication that will probably not see much light during the campaign. All administrations have their problems in presenting an always in tune and on the same page orchestra of policy and implementation. The Bush administration is no different but I think it has been pretty coherent from the standpoint of a casual listener. I would attribute quite a bit of that to Bush's clear, short and decisive means of communication in conducting his orchestra. On the other hand, based on his campaign, a concert with Kerry as conductor is a concert the country cannot afford to attend.

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