Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Developing: Bombgate

Just finished with NZ Bear's take on the NYT publishing crap and an update there leads to a Cliff May post in The Corner saying the IAEA leaked a false letter. Now I a not sure what "false letter" means, i.e., is it a letter falsifing the story as current and trying to make a story out of it, or worse, the letter from the Iraqi Ministry is a fake and created by others as a basis to 'go' on the story.

The way I read it, it sounds more like the latter. I had a creepy feeling about the 9 - 4 ~ 2003, item in the letter and the scribbly, trailing off 10/10/2000 date when I saw this letter (bottom right and click to enlarge) yesterday.. Maybe those are legit but 60 Minutes has sensitized me to think like that. (We won't have to go back to talking about a Composer again, will we?)

Anyway, this is getting interesting.

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