Sunday, October 31, 2004

Gardner, is that a dead bug?

The Queen has doing doing field work in her two estates and found evidence of global warming. Ya, right! Like what, the Guardian or the Queen doesn't say. Maybe she counted the days it rained. She could have sat every day watching the thermometer rise and fall all summer. Maybe she had the Gardner count dead bugs. Or the maid time the laundry drying in the sun.

Of course, whatever disasterous is happening in her own palatial backyards, must be much more concentrated in the peasants postage stamp ones. All. Over. The. World.

More likely, it was the personal reports given to her by the prestigous SIR David King or the pioneering John Schellnhuber. Maybe Queeny and Sir David sat and watched "The Day After Tomorrow" together which afterwards "Now that is the reality of it, your Highness." At least I haven't seen Schellnhuber pull the "I saw what happened in the movies" routine. But you have to wonder what a guy's predisposition is when he indicates 'we don't know much' at the same time as 'this is critical'. (But, I give him a little slack considering he was paraphrased by the Guardian and you know the Guardian.)

Doing a twofer with scare mongers David King and John Schellnhuber can cause anyone to have a case of the shudders. That and playing in the garden doesn't mean global warming is true.

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