Monday, October 18, 2004


I caught this snippet over at The Corner (Kerry attended this service in Chillicothe):
A few hours later, a Roman Catholic priest in nearby Chillicothe praised his religious beliefs at a Saturday afternoon service arranged for the traveling candidate.

"If dare we say by the grace of God the brother should be the one chosen to lead, it is our hope he will one day come back to us and celebrate with us as president of the United States, not in this small room, but in the church where we will do it openly, publicly, proudly," the Rev. Lawrence L. Hummer of St. Mary's said on Saturday.
"Openly", maybe, but it was open to being reported. Publicly, okay, I will buy that, it was kept small and attendance was restricted. But "proudly?" So, what is it now, an embarassment?

"Wink, wink" says the Rev, wince, wince goes the candidate.

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