Friday, October 15, 2004

Kerry remarks still bubbling

Two Kerry remarks are still bubbling in the blogosphere.

The hottest one, quite rightly, is Kerry's not terribly bright idea of mentioning a certain Vice President's daughter in answer to a question on the very sensitive subject of homosexuality. It was a remark made by a crass, egotistical, conniver and it has blown up in his face, but that's only my opinion. Betsy links to an opinion by Bill Kristol, one whom is a little wider read. And Just One Minute finds he and Maureen Dowd agree on the subject. Yikes! LGF points out that there is nothing to read into Kerry's debate comment as Kerry wants you to do. There's many more, one just can't help bumping into them. Considering Kerry's refusal to admit a mistake, you have to wonder if he shoots himself in the foot there, too! Whoa! If I had visited Hugh's site I would have saved myself some tie and gotten to the other goof by the Goof.

Speaking of shooting at one's foot, the simmering Kerry cluelessness from the debate was his utter lack of class in not mentioning his wife, Teresa, and going straight to his mother when asked about the strong women around him with the fairly obvious and direct hint from Bob Scheiffer that he was asking about his wife and two daughters. And there was nothing serious about the scene described with his mother, only another crass 'teaching moment' for the masses so that they know John Kerry. The last thing to note was the first thing Kerry mentioned, the marrying up moment. I don't know when this remark by Kerry was first ever used, but I do remember when I first heard it. It was during one of the many remembrances aired right after Ronald Reagan died. As I remember it, and it not crystal clear to me on who he said it to, but I think Reagan said it to Gorbachev in an airport hangar while waiting for Nancy and Raisa to arrive. The way it was told, Ron put his arm around Mikey when as their wives approached and said "We sure did marry up, didn't we?" also I seem to remember that Gorby was the one who had mentioned the story.

Anyway, it seemed to me out of place when Kery said it and the more I think about it, the more I believe he had it stuck in his pocket for the right moment. Unfortunately for Kerry, the right moments do not always come in front of large audiences, when the moment can be writ large in history, at least, in autobiography and it fell flatter than an empty tortilla. Kerry, always the opportunist and never a good judge of timing, had to force it in so everyone would see it.

That leaves one last item on Kerry to write about tomorrow, if I can. It's the visit colleges time of the year and the family is behind in that chore. I'll give you a clue - Mr Name Dropper. If you think it's worth a comment of your own, go for it.

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