Saturday, October 16, 2004

Of cooks and oarsmen

The UN World Health Organization is in the news talking about Darfur and the horrible conditions there. More pressure should be brought to bear to solve this tragedy and I do feel that there should be a world wide push to declare this a genocide and let the chips fall all over the Sudanese government. But that is not the main reason for noting this.

The main reason is that the UN is a useless organization and it will never happen. So unilateral, bilateral and/or multilateral efforts are the only real solution. Bush has been pushing every button to do what the UN can't bring itself to do because there are too many cooks spoiling the broth.

Here is an example of one cook turning the heat up and just two weeks ago of a fraternal one turning it down. To jump metaphors, you can't get anywhere when so many are rowing in different directions.

Which makes me think this organization is targeting the wrong country with their letter writing efforts to remove a terrible leader. Maybe they should try here ... whoops, my bad.

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