Friday, October 29, 2004

Playing with the map

I like to use the LA Times map to check ECV based on the polls. I noticed tonight that if you color all the SW - NV, CO, NM, & AZ - for Bush (per reputable polls and trends) and then add the lower midwest - IA, MO & AR (slam dunks per rep. polls) and tack on WV (what the heck is this up in the air for) and FL (too long to explain but Bush will take it easily this time) and what do you have? 266!

So Bush needs only one other state. Here are the real close ones now - MN, WI, OH, NH, or as an outside shot, HI. One in 5 is all he needs. Everything else is icing.

Apologies to PA, NJ, CT and OR, all of which are trying to help with the rout. Oh, and thanks should also go to Maine who will likely give Bush 1 vote out of 4.

Plus many notes of appreciation to all those in Blue States admirably struggling to up the PV.

Can anyone tell I'm feeling Nov 2 will be a Happy, Happy, Day, Day!? BTW, has anyone seen a Dixville Notch poll?

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