Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sinclair? How about Frontline?

Instapundit covers the Sinclair Broadcasting story. Of course the meme being promulgated by the Kerry backers is that it will be the equivalent of a campaign ad for Bush. I saw Mark Kilmer Hyman on Lehrer News hour tonight and I thought he acquitted Sinclair well in both their intentions (news ignored by the rest of the media) and in debunking accusations of propagandizing for Bush (Kerry invited to participate, accusation jumping - product not even finished.)

Just coincidently, Frontline has a product finished. Election 2004 is being shown tonight. Twenty minutes into the 120 minute program here are some highlights:
Yale ... Kerry intelligent and on a mission, dedicated ... Bush goof off, partier, knew everyone, a skater.

William Bundy (uncle of Kerry roommate speaks at Yale, stops off at the room to visit with his nephew and Kerry and the other roommate, talks of how important this war and wining is, Kerry (and at least one roommate volunteers ... Bush, by time of his graduation, is living in the different college atmosphere, one of, if not resistance, then at least avoidance, ... Bush gets help into the National Guard, straight to interview of Ben Barnes ... LT. GOVERNOR. Of course lots of men at that time were looking for this out.

Kerry: volunteer, volunteer ... Gridley makes stop in Vietnam, Kerry decides to make another tour in Vietnam, yada, yada, yada. Bush: partying flyboy, anyone in Alabama would have noticed him there but didn't, went missing for a year.

Cavett show: Kerry kicks O'Neill's butt on national tv, audience laughs at put down of O'Neill by Kerry.

Kerry running for the House: blindsided by the Sun, editor a right wing conservative who probably hadn't even met Kerry....
You will have to wait for the transcript because I've given up
Holy cow... The program says Kerry initally supported Bush 41 on opposing Saddam but changed to questioning after it became clear war might be required ... we weren't giving diplomacy enough time. He says we were already into violence with sanctions ... finally he voted against war.
Okay, now I give up.
(Did) Kerry (really) lead the fight to put 100,000 cops on the streets?
What constitutes leading? Okay now.

Wait a sec, one last one.... Bush in Florida kindergarten, date: September 11, 2001 ... video clip of Bush sitting there, told of the news ... waiting .... Richard Clarke voice over with his being stunned at how long Bush just sat there!! Alot of other pap! Now another idiot (didn't catch his name) commenting at how Bush was unprepared.

Sheesh!!!!! Click. Now I AM done! Go Sinclair!

Update: It was Mark Hyman, not Kilmer, sorry.

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