Friday, October 29, 2004


The Corner and Kerry Spot has a lot of posts on Kurt Schilling's abrupt cop out on arrangements to make an appearance with Bush in NH. Ya know, I respect the various groups and people who stand up and speak their mind, whether Springsteen, Silver, Streisand, O'Donnell, Shilling, yada, yada, yada. I would still assail them or praise them, depending on their remarks, opinions or analysis.

Now for Kurt. He has every right to keep quiet if he wants. But he also has every right to speak out. It is not that he does or doesn't that is right. But, God, doesn't he sound like a professional sportsmen. Unsolicited????? What the #%# (pardon my 'heck')!!! The word, Kurt, if you are in the mindset giving your opinion away for free is "asked". And considering all the other opinions you give away for free or even donate why is this one different. If your decision on who should be president is anything other than seeing a name on the ceiling after staring at it for hours ... you know like for strong reasons, like saving lives, protecting your family, making life better, why do you have to be solicited asked?
"I am now not medically cleared to do anything until I see Doc on Sunday, so I cannot travel with President Bush."
So you aren't gonna even hit the toilet until Sunday. Ya said you'd go. Get in a freaking wheelchair and go, you pansy-assed wimp. I am sure their would be one or two volunteers to push you and maybe even hold your bedpan for ya! That can't possibly impinge on any contracts you have, regardless of what your employer has told you.

What a sorry excuse for a man! I never thought anything would make my respect for the Dixie Chicks go up! Crummy sakes, even the Dixie Chicks can whine better!

And ya know, I'll bet bottom dollar Bush will be gracious about it ... 'cause he's a man.

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