Tuesday, November 02, 2004

15 to go!

Bush will take CO, NM, NV, AZ, ID and FL. That's 255. As noted, 15 more are needed. How to get it? Here's how (Eat your heart out Russert and chuck thta E-A-S away!):

Will it be OH?
... WI &IA?
... HI, NH, & IA?
... MN & IA?
... MI?
... MN & WI?
(Actually I am not sure if Bush got 1 from ME. Does it matter?) Only if we talk OR & IA!

Team Kerry has their work cut out for him!

Update: Holy cow! I totally forgot AK with 3! That's 12 left to go and changes the dynamics totally. One from ME would make it 11.

Now it is OH?
... IA & NH?
... IA & HI?
... WI and either NH or HI?
... MN and either NH or HI?
if you consider OR then OR and either NH or HI?
also IA & MN?
... IA and WI?
It does not look good for the Big K!

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