Saturday, November 13, 2004

The BBC covered the story of some a@#h@#$! reporter asking Bush and Blair about the 'poodle' meme yesterday but neglected to mention it last night. Unfortunately, it is showing up in today's news, primarily from the AP, who tries to make it look as bad as they can. Thankfully, at a casual glance, only a few news groups here in the US - I saw the Miami Herald and Seattle PI -are including it at their websites.

The MH put it under the Breaking News which means one of two things - either they are being satirical (which won't do justice to their other "Breaking News", or they have no clue what actual breaking news is. SPI has it under Nation/World which is supposed to be a serious news section. I can't imagine why they would think to include this as a serious story. (Is SPI a serious newspaper? D'oh!)

I did notice AFP included it in the better "OffBeat" place and actually treated it in the perfunctory and serious manner it deserved without all the slanted piling-on that AP spewed in their story.

Here's hoping the questioner, who remains anonymous in the AP story but not to Bush and Blair, gets the recognition he deserves for a good four years on this side of the pond.

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