Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Doing my duty

Had to finish the previous post, as I was in the middle of it when the wife pulled in the driveway and honked the horn. My son and I hopped in and drove to the poll. All the volunteers were happy to see me and thanked me for the candy. Just about all of it was doled out with the major portion going to a 3rd grade class which came in around noon to be educated on our system of government. (Ha, wait until they turn 18 and find out candy is not guaranteed!) The rest went to voters and the they went away happy, too.

Name? Check. ID? Check. Sign here please. The only difference in the voting this time was that they covered my signature with a tiny piece of green paper until I signed. Both ladies compared signatures and called for the curtain lady. I was the only one in line and we breezed through into the booth and pulled the lever. I went over every vote, my wife pulled the levers and my son yanked the big one at the end to seal my franchise.

The curtain lady gave all of us "I voted" stickers. A wave goodbye, a "See you next year.", and we were off to the car. I stepped in a huge, disenfranchising puddle in the parking lot.

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