Thursday, November 04, 2004

Don't go straight home from the party

Yes, the party is over. The crews are in sweeping up, a few green-shaders are still in the corner tallying the take, and some die hards are still hanging to the bar and talking results but most people have gathered their coats and are leaving for home. Not trying to be too big of a killjoy on the way out, I would like to remind many of the party-goers that there were a few rather obnoxious pickpockets at the door when the party was gathering.

While the pickpockets were apprehended before much could be had and most of those whose pockets were rummaged by said pickpockets on the way in were, after some initial outrage, calmed by the promise to have the matter resolved after the party, those of you who do not want the pickpocket to be let off scot-free ought to be heading over to the investigator's office to see what, exactly, is being done.

I believe the investigation is still ongoing into this nasty bit of attempted thievery. The names of the primary investigators are Mr Thornburgh and Mr. Boccardi. They might be reachable at the address of CBS News, 524 W. 57th St., New York, NY, 10019. There are ample sources for many other ways of reaching these two and the others involved, including some local affiliates, which I am sure many of you have bookmarked.

Pressure must be applied to keep this from being swept under the rug and they will be at the door again in two years. It might cure some of those 'what to do now' hangovers, too.

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