Monday, November 01, 2004

Finally we have the full transcript

Al Jezeera has posted a complete transcript of the message contained on the tape purportedly by OBL. (Will we soon get the full video?)

I hadn't had the chance to post on this but it bothered me that we didn't have the complete transcript for one reason. Without it we were left with analyzing an incomplete message. Now we can have a much better analysis.

I have read some reviews based on the 6 minutes of partials. One surmised that OBL was calling for a truce. Another was that OBL was crying uncle. Still another noted he was trying to morph into a legitimate statesmen, such as some have been coaxing Sadr to do. My brief reading of the full transcript, and I will qualify it by saying I would like a good hashing out of the proper translation, gives me the impression that he is still spitting in our eye and threatening us at the same time.

I get a creepy feeling that there might have been a message in there and don't like the many references to children. I'll need to read it more tonight and tomorrow morning but it would be nice to have confidence the translation is a good one. (Actually I would prefer to have the full tape and have someone else translate.)

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