Monday, November 08, 2004

Is the NYT soliciting Assassins (again)?

In an essay fraught with religious and history perspective, Dean E Murphy suggests Republicans haven't learned sufficiently from history and may as a result be doomed to repeat it.

Only a man that received failing marks while a boy in bible school would make the stupendous error of thinking that God acts in such a manner. But in thinking that He does, wouldn't that man, insightful as he thinks he is, realize that God would most likely choose someone of self regarding nobleness to incite such an 'Act of God' into motion, someone who can't resist the temptation to reenact on the world stage a famously veiled call for action and muse "Who will rid us of this meddlesome president?"

But on a more mundane 'reality based' level, I suspect that there is a coarser answer to this seemly story. God has nothing to do with this and Mr. Murphy has neither the wit nor the creativity for cunning of this magnitude. He is, much rather, the sort that fluffs the filth of imagination, calls it informative analysis and sets out to be the first with the story. But I would not disregard the possibility his source for the article is a yellowed 140 year old newspaper clipping from the New York Times with the same tripe.

In either case, I owe the retort, "Et tu, Dean?"

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