Monday, November 22, 2004

Masters of the Obvious enjoy the same occupation the world over and never miss a chance in quoting each other to maintain their high esteem as the group with unparalleled powers of observation:
Marcelo Romero, a reporter with Santiago's newspaper La Cuarta, said: "All of us journalists agree that President Bush looked like a cowboy. It was total breach of protocol. I've seen a lot of John Wayne movies, and President Bush was definitely acting like a cowboy."
He is a cowboy, idiots, but with a character all his own and, before he rides from the world stage into the sunset, he may yet join the prestigeous hall of fame, if only as an honorary movie cowboy.

But for those who like to make comparisons, I've seen a lot of movies, too, and while he may have come into office as John Wayne, I think he has been this guy

(courtesy of

for for about three years now. (Chosen to gratuitously inflate Jacques' ego.)

Of course you may have a different opinion. Go for it.

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