Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Quick analysis of Kerry's Speech

I think I only heard Kerry mention Bush once (besides his mention of the phone call) and that was in the preface of working together for unity which was a preface to fight, fight, fight that came after it with the tone being the only way to unify is for the other side (reminder: he means the winners) to yield. Brokaw (yes I watched NBC broadcast of it) and Russert waxed on about the elections like this make you grow, and they saw that in Kerry, but I did not see it. Kerry is still the past-future-perfect (HT Jonah) person who will never permanently concede, but just take a breather before resuming his constant bitching after the fact. I have to admit he does a good job of being Nebulous Man and making it work for him.

I half expect him to change his mind about today, tomorrow.

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