Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Today is here and then it will be gone

It's election day. I am so excited, I took the day off and will be watching the news, listening to the radio and rafting all over to look for interesting things to note here.

I did see a post on The Corner by Michael Graham describing his experience at the poll. Here's a part:
Two wonderful things happened. First, I was asked to produce both photo I.D. and proof of address (hooray!), and there were partisan poll watchers from both teams who checked my name against their lists.
I wish I new where he resides. This is SOP here in NYS. (Maybe he IS in NY.) We have three aisles with a table and 2 machines each, for covering 3 state assembly districts. Now it may be different this year because of redistricting, but it hadn't changed in 2003. Anyway, at each table there are two 'registors', if you will, with a big spiral bound book. The registors are volunteers who from each party, (hired by the county who pay them a total of about $15 to sit there all day). You walk up, give them your name, they find the name in the book. You show them your identification and sign the book in the blank space just below your signature on record from your registration which is reproduced in the book. Then they note what number voter you are.

Then there is a third volunteer who hold the curtain for you as you go in. I've never caught the curtain lady peeking. It is a cool old machine that I hope they have not disposed of - mechanical levers. Positions are in columns and Y/N propositions across the top. Real simple, no screw-ups of multiple votes and you can be sure the lever is either up or down. When you are done, pull the big lever at the bottom like your switching tracks for the train and you are all the votes get counted with a run of clicking sounds. Leaving the booth, the curatin lady slaps the "I voted" sticker on you.

I know all three ladies at my table, having gone there for some 20 years. One lady lives just down the street from me. I bring them some candy and drinks. I never have to worry about someone trying to fraudulantly vote in my place. :-)

I am going this morning during the lull. Enjoy it while it lasts folks.

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