Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Waiting for the speech

John Kerry is about to take the mike. I am very interested in the tone of the speech. He noted in his call to Bush that the country is divided and something needs to be done about that. Bush agreed and invited help in unifying it.

Let's see if Kerry talks about that and how he couchs any suggestions. He tends to preach and scold. What will he do here? (Here he comes, now.)

I will only say a leopard can't change its spots.

Update: What the heck is Edwards doing. There is no conciliation there. "our America"? "will still fight for every vote?" Did any one review this script? Sheesh. This fight has just begun? You stood for hours ... in the rain ... So that was Rove's plan .. make only their voters wait? What was there two lines marked Wait D and and Express R?
Edwards has just read his future and it is an obituary.

Update Kerry: Okay, on the intro. Passable on the legal. Nice start on the sum up, nice thanks to the supporters. Waiting for the shoe to drop ... will it fall? Starting to bask ... simulated victor act ... okay strike that .... wow, he remembered Teresa ... ... okay BoB can't be left out, I understand that ... waiting for the ISIV meme ... roaming into career's end formula with tone of all the thanks ... then again it could also be Kerry's never ending sentence tendency ...

Okay, and American people phrase (unlike Edwards our America) ... gift and obligation ... here it comes ... need of unity ... hope Bush will ... soldiers ... what we started in this campaign wil not end here ... there goes the unity ... fight, fight, fight, ... America always moves forward ... nothing concilatory there, sound more like " no comprimise " ... well he's keeping his job, will he go to work? Wow, it was a short speech!

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